Become a student

It is easy to enroll as a student with Adelante Alliance. We offer basic education programs for adults, including elementary school, high school preparation and learning how to read and write.

Step 1:

The first step is to visit Our Programs page so that you will know which class interest you.


Step 2:

The second step is to call our Main Office at: (718) 614 2353. Our helpful staff member will ask you a few questions about where you live, how you found Adelante Alliance, and when you are available to come to class.

Adelante Alliance is comprised with its students, staff, affiliated community and services related to the hispanic community in the United States. Adelante really appreciate all the work, enthusiasm and motivation that you can provide to our community.


Our mission is to facilitate social change and integration in American society by working with, advocating for, and organizing immigrant families for the attainment of basic rights, social justice, and equal opportunity.


Our vision is to serve and empower Spanish-speaking immigrant populations by organizing around issues of educational and economic justice, residency-related issues, community media, family-oriented cultural events and community organizing.

Our Goal

Is to encourage and motivate immigrants to prepare themselves so they can pursue their dreams and goals with dignity, and on equal footing with other people in the United States.

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Our Staff & Volunteers

Adelante Alliance is comprised of all of the students, staff, and affiliated community-based organizations working on research, advocacy, and services related to our community in the US. Our Volunteer team since the beginning of the organization, has been the most important key in all our programs, with special mention, we recognize everyone who has participated in Adelante.

  • Adamu Makinwa
  • Casper Lundin
  • Thomas Gagné
  • Christina Morgan
  • Markovics Zoltán
  • Jacolien Hendriks
  • Isabela Barboza
  • Juhani Virtanen
  • Phan Châu
  • Kuzey Ünal
  • Juan Rubio
  • Marko Mlakar
  • Kelly Lambert
  • Walid Ahelluc
  • Ernst Graf
  • Lore Smets
  • Camiel de Graaf
  • Ladislau Berindei